About us

About Us

Canadian scientists coordinate ICDP activities in Canada through the Canadian Continental Drilling Program (CCDP). CCDP is a consortium of Canadian scientists who are currently involved in ICDP projects. They submitted and obtained an NSERC-MRS grant for the participation of Canada at the ICDP international level as well as to coordinate the ICDP related Canadian community.

CCDP members (see the list below) presently include the applicants of the NSERC-MRS proposal. They meet on annual basis to prepare the agenda of the next year.

The CCDP objectives are to:

  • continue Canada's participation in the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) and represent Canada on the international IODP committees and panels;
  • communicate ICDP information to a strong network of Canadian Earth scientists;
  • help Canadians to develop and propose new projects to the ICDP Scientific Advisory Group (SAG);
  • organize Canadian scientific activities related to ICDP;
  • provide technical and scientific high level training opportunities for HQP in Canada via research experiences during continental drilling expeditions, international collaborations and training courses.

CCDP members are:

 The organization of the CCDP is facilitated by the nomination of a Steering Committee (SC). Members of the SC help the ICDP Canada secretariat by providing guidance and advice between meetings as well as by consulting the CCDP when needed.

The CCDP-SC is composed of: