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- Logan Medal has been awarded to Richard A.F. Grieve (may 2015)

Richard A.F. Grieve, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa has been selected as the 2015 winner of GAC’s Logan Medal for sustained, distinguished achievement in Canadian earth science.

The Logan Medal, the highest award of the Geological Association of Canada is presented, usually annually, to an individual for sustained distinguished achievement in Canadian earth science. Logan Medal

- ICDP White Paper is now available, March 2015

White Paper as an outcome of ICDP Science Conference 2013 is available at the webpage.

Joint ICDP/IODP session at the Joint assembly in Montréal 3-7 May, 2015

Session Title: Exploring the subsurface through Scientific Drilling: contributions from ICDP and IODP

- 2012 Joint ICDP-Ecord summer school

The joint ECORD/ICDP/IODP-Canada Summer School on cryosphere dynamics took place from 5–21 July in Montréal, Québec. Nineteen participants gathered fromuniversities in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK. The first week consisted of classes and workshops presented by invitedlecturers at GEOTOP (University of Québec in Montréal), focused on reconstructing the cryosphere and climate change in the Cenozoic from different perspectives and timescales, using modeling, geomorp

- New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition (313)

IODP, ECORD and ICDP have issued a media release
'Sea-Level Change in the Icehouse World - First results of the IODP New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition',
after the media conference held at Bremen University on November 27, 2007 during the Onshore Science Party of the New Jersey Shallow Shelf - IODP Expedition 313 http://www.eso.ecord.org/expeditions/313/313.php.

- 2009 ICDP Town Hall meeting

You are invited to join the
ICDP Town Hall meeting at AGU
Monday, December 14, 2008, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
at the Intercontinental Hotel (4th floor), 888 Howard Street (adjacent to Moscone Center), San Francisco, USA.

Updates on current and future key research topics in Scientific Drilling will be followed by the opportunity for discussions and to get together over refreshments in a spacious environment.

- ICDP Canada mailing list

Professors, researchers, students, postdoctoral fellows, professional assistants are welcome to register to the ICDP-Canada maiing list. You will received news as soon as they arrive. Please send a message to gaonach.helene@uqam.ca to mention your interest.

Hélène Gaonac'h, ICDP Canada science coordinator.

- Next ICDP Canada meeting

An ICDP Canada meeting will be held the day before the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting. Members of the CCDP (Canadian Continental Drilling Program) will meet and discuss the structure of the Canadian ICDP community as well as will elaborate plans for the next ICDP related activities in Canada.

Results of the CCDP meeting will be communicated soon after.


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